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What is FLINK?

66% of buyers aren't currently looking to move, but would if they saw their dream property.

FLINK is a unique technology that matches your home's best features with the things your buyers will love, so they're more likely to click, arrange a viewing and make an offer.  

When 'passive' buyers happen to see a property feature they like, it kicks off the sales process.



How does FLINK find more buyers?

FLINK examines data from providers like Google and Facebook, using clever technology to understand who might be interested in your home and which features might appeal to them.

It then creates up to 72 ads for your home and shares them across social media, making sure different audiences see different things depending on what's likely to grab their attention.

*Data and estimated results provided by CCT Marketing International and PrivatMegleren Norway. Further information available upon request.

How is FLINK different?

Some other agents also offer social media advertising for properties.  Typically they use a single digital advert and share it to their followers.  The result is limited exposure for your property and a slim chance of finding potential buyers.

By monitoring which people are clicking on which adverts, FLINK keeps adjusting, in real time, and re-shares them with the people most likely to respond. The FLINK system measures the success of the ads and, in real time, adjusts them to re-target accordingly.  

This means the right adverts are always visible to the right people at the right time. 


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